AR15 Solid Mount adapter for Oversized bayonet lugs
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This is for the folks with AR15 rifles with 16 inch barrels that have discovered their rifles bayonet lug is oversized. This adapter will fit over existing lug and move bayonet mounting position forward to mil-spec location on flash hider giving proper blade length past end of barrel.

The rifle manufactures that we have found are making SOME of their rifles with oversized bayonet lugs are: Rugger -556, S&W MP15 and Olympic. The best way to detirmine if your rifles lug is oversized is to try to attach a bayonet. If it will attach and lock into the lug properly, then you need our standard adapter. If the lug is too large to slide your bayonet onto and lock into place, then you will need this adapter. We also sell the oversized adapter in the quick release design. 

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AR15 Solid Mount adapter for Oversized bayonet lugs

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